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Hazardous waste

Whether you are facing a specific problem or a regular waste stream, CURIUM applies its know-how for the management of your hazardous waste, even in difficult conditions and under combined risks.

  • Toxic, reactive, explosive, flammable, oxidizing, corrosive, infectious, radioactive and asbestos wastes
  • Unidentified hazardous waste
  • Waste in non-approved and/or non-transportable packaging
  • Waste with no treatment solution as it is
  • Post-accident situation
  • Radioactive detection gantry triggering

Case Studies

Transfer of VCM by CURIUM

Repackaging of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM)

Repackaging of hazardous waste in a mine after an accidental fire by CURIUM

Destocking and restocking of mercurial and arsenic waste in a mine

CURIUM secured a damaged warehouse for hazardous waste and reconditioned and disposed of flammable chemical and asbestos waste.

Securing and decontamination of a warehouse for highly flammable materials

CURIUM assisted the OSCE on behalf of the Republic of Albania in the repackaging of chemical weapons waste (napalm)

Project management: Repackaging of chemical weapons precursors waste

CURIUM's emergency intervention for the repackaging of 2 tons of lithium

Emergency Response: Lithium Repackaging

Drainage, transfer, recompression, neutralization of ammonia by CURIUM

Drainage and recompression of anhydrous ammonia

In-situ neutralization corroded chlorine cylinders by CURIUM

In situ neutralization of heavily corroded chlorine cylinders

Radioactive detection gantry triggering management by CURIUM

Radioactive detection gantry triggering management on asbestos waste

CURIUM has carried out environmental forensics on hazardous waste for ADEME.

Environmental forensics: study of residual waste following a fire

CURIUM urgently repackages unknown chemical, pyrotechnical and radioactive waste.

Repackaging of chemical, pyrotechnic and radiological waste

CURIUM develops tailor-made solutions for the management of naturally radioactive waste.

NORM Waste Management

CURIUM's project management assistance to ADEME for the repackaging of hazardous wastes

Identification, removal and treatment of hazardous waste