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Public institutions

CURIUM acts as a reliable contractor for the management of chemical contamination and hazardous waste in the framework of environmental projects ordered by public institutions, including law enforcement agencies and armies.

  • Brownfields
  • Environmental forensics
  • Diagnosis of contamination by hazardous products (explosive, flammable, toxic, corrosive, radioactive, infectious materials, heavy metals)
  • Chemical risk decontamination and neutralization operations
  • Repackaging of hazardous waste, including pyrotechnic and radioactive waste
  • Emergency response to hazardous materials spillage, including transportation accidents

Case Studies

Remediation prior to dismantling of a military installation containing hydrazine and nitric acid by CURIUM

Remediation of a military installation containing hydrazine and nitric acid

CURIUM assisted the OSCE on behalf of the Republic of Albania in the repackaging of chemical weapons waste (napalm)

Project management: Repackaging of chemical weapons precursors waste

CURIUM's emergency intervention for the repackaging of 2 tons of lithium

Emergency Response: Lithium Repackaging

Emergency intervention by CURIUM on a bromine leak from a truck

Emergency Response: Bromine leak from a truck during transportation

CURIUM regularly decontaminates shooting ranges, contaminated with lead.

Lead decontamination of a shooting range

CURIUM has carried out environmental forensics on hazardous waste for ADEME.

Environmental forensics: study of residual waste following a fire

CURIUM has established the inventory and defined the protocols for the characterization, pre-treatment and packaging of radioactive chemical waste from the Marie Curie laboratories.

Inventory, characterization, treatment of historical radioactive waste from the Marie Curie Laboratories