Military base, Crete (Greece)

Customer's Need/Sector

A military base in Crete had a facility that used to contain hydrazine and nitric acid in the past. In order to safely dismantle this installation, the customer wanted to carry out a diagnosis and a decontamination of the installation. As part of these operations, the toxic, flammable, corrosive and CMR risks associated with the products present had to be taken into account. CURIUM carried out this operation in partnership with ENVIROCHEM.

CURIUM has carried out a preliminary study, including risk analysis and modus operandi, in order to determine the best possible neutralisation solutions. The hydrazine and nitric acid effluents, still present in the installation, were then neutralized on site with appropriate solutions. These solutions had been tested beforehand in CURIUM's laboratory.

Finally, the rinsing effluents were pumped and then repackaged for disposal in the appropriate waste treatment facilities.



Hydrazine, nitric acid



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