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Engineering and Consulting

Technical Studies

CURIUM carries out bibliographical and experimental technical studies related to chemical, radiological and biological risks. We develop tailor-made solutions in our in-house and mobile laboratories and workshop for pilot tests.

  • Qualitative and quantitative characterization and classification of hazardous chemical and radioactive products
  • Chemical and radioactive waste management (storage or disposal)
  • Risk analysis and classification, HAZOP studies
  • Dispersion modeling
  • Environmental forensics
  • Compliance of processes and installations
  • Design and testing of hazardous waste treatment processes

Case Studies

CURIUM carries out technical studies on waste flows in its pilot test laboratory.

Study of sludge treatment processes

Radioactive detection gantry triggering management by CURIUM

Radioactive detection gantry triggering management on asbestos waste

CURIUM has carried out environmental forensics on hazardous waste for ADEME.

Environmental forensics: study of residual waste following a fire

CURIUM develops tailor-made solutions for the management of naturally radioactive waste.

NORM Waste Management

CURIUM has established the inventory and defined the protocols for the characterization, pre-treatment and packaging of radioactive chemical waste from the Marie Curie laboratories.

Inventory, characterization, treatment of historical radioactive waste from the Marie Curie Laboratories

CURIUM brings its expertise in radiation protection for the management of soils contaminated by natural radionuclides.

Expert support for the radiological remediation of an industrial site

Diagnosis by CURIUM of dangerous products on industrial sites before dismantling.

Study of chemicals present on site before demolition