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Pharmaceutical industry

CURIUM provides support in the completion of projects involving hazardous substances, for the preservation of the quality of your production and the protection of the environment and your workers’ health. A team of expert chemists intervenes in complete confidentiality for the management of your contaminations, and adapts solutions according to the context. Over the years, CURIUM has developed an in-depth understanding of the technical and regulatory constraints specific to the pharmaceutical industry, and guarantees the compliance of the services provided.

  • Conversion of production or closure of facilities
  • Preparation of maintenance operations
  • Hazardous materials spills or leaks
  • Characterization and management of your stock of chemicals and hazardous waste
  • Periodic contamination control
  • Contaminated equipment: production equipment, HVAC, evacuation networks, technical areas, etc.

Case Studies

CURIUM decontaminates the premises and equipment of a pharmaceutical company before sale of the site

Decontamination after cessation of activity

Project management by CURIUM for the decontamination of a pharmaceutical production site

Project Management: decontamination of a pharmaceutical production site

CURIUM carries out contamination diagnostics in a pharmaceutical laboratory.

Contamination diagnostics in a pharmaceutical laboratory