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Aeronautics, microelectronics industries

CURIUM provides support in the completion of projects involving hazardous substances, for the preservation of the quality of your production and the protection of the environment and your workers’ health. A team of expert chemists intervenes for the management of contaminations by toxic products, reagents, explosives, etc., and adapts solutions according to the context.

  • Conversion of production or closure of facilities
  • Dismantling, transfer of activities
  • Preparation of maintenance operations
  • Hazardous materials spills or leaks
  • Processes with toxic, corrosive, flammable gas networks
  • Characterization and management of your stock of chemicals and hazardous waste
  • Intervention in cleanrooms and HVAC networks

Case Studies

Mercury decontamination on a production line by CURIUM

Mercury decontamination on a production line

Decontamination of arsenic, indium, gallium in industrial microelectronics by CURIUM

Gallium, arsenic and indium decontamination

CURIUM arsenic decontamination and arsenic waste management

Project management: Decontamination and disposal of arsenic waste

Decontamination of equipment contaminated with boron trichloride by CURIUM

Decontamination and dismantling of a distillation unit (BCl₃)