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Engineering and Consulting

Contamination Diagnostics

Contamination diagnostics aims to identify and map chemical and/or radioactive contaminants in order to prepare, if necessary, an efficient and safe decontamination operation. A preliminary risk analysis allows to define the investigation methods and the adapted collective and individual protection equipment.

  • Preliminary documentary study and risk assessment
  • Definition of trackers and matrix for contamination analysis
  • Definition of the contamination thresholds to be reached, in accordance with the equipment’s future use
  • Definition of sampling and analysis methods for trackers
  • Chemical and radiological in situ or ex situ measuring and analysis equipment
  • Detailed contamination mapping
  • Adapted collective and individual protection equipment, installation of airlocks

Case Studies

Decontamination of a laboratory contaminated with ethidium bromide by CURIUM

Decontamination of an R&D laboratory contaminated with ethidium bromide

Mercury decontamination in a research laboratory by CURIUM

Mercury decontamination in an R&D laboratory

Decontamination of a research laboratory contaminated with tellurium and cadmium by CURIUM

Tellurium and cadmium decontamination in a R&D center

Decontamination of arsenic, indium, gallium in industrial microelectronics by CURIUM

Gallium, arsenic and indium decontamination

CURIUM arsenic decontamination and arsenic waste management

Project management: Decontamination and disposal of arsenic waste

Project management by CURIUM for the decontamination of a pharmaceutical production site

Project Management: decontamination of a pharmaceutical production site

CURIUM carries out contamination diagnostics in a pharmaceutical laboratory.

Contamination diagnostics in a pharmaceutical laboratory