Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)

Following the realization of various tests in July 2013 to determine the appropriate decontamination methods, CURIUM intervened in 2017 to carry out a decontamination operation on all the laboratory's surfaces contaminated with cadmium and tellurium.

In 2013, the first intervention consisted in carrying out a study to select decontamination solutions, consisting of :

  • the decontaminability study of the elements,
  • the definition of the analyses' methodology,
  • testing of decontamination solutions on site, on different surfaces and with different solvents.

Decontamination operations were then carried out periodically. At the end of the works, an inspection was carried out to certify the decontamination of all areas. This showed that the quantities of contaminants had been reduced by a factor of 3 to 65.



Cadmium, tellurium

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