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Laboratories, R&D Centers

CURIUM's expertise guarantees the management of chemical, radiological and biological risks in research laboratories, including in specific environments: cleanrooms, confined spaces, HVAC networks, various equipment.

  • Management of chemical, radiological and biological contamination
  • Contamination mapping, including in the presence of unknown molecules or products
  • Decontamination, maintenance, transfer or dismantling operations under combined risks
  • Characterization and management of your stock of chemicals and hazardous waste
  • Emergency response on hazardous products

CURIUM intervenes on products such as hydrofluoric acid, picric acid, mercury, toxic, flammable and explosive gases, as well as on hazardous microorganisms (staphylococcus aureus, aspergillus, clostridium difficile, legionella) and infectious proteins (prion).

Case Studies

Decontamination of a laboratory contaminated with ethidium bromide by CURIUM

Decontamination of an R&D laboratory contaminated with ethidium bromide

Mercury decontamination in a research laboratory by CURIUM

Mercury decontamination in an R&D laboratory

Decontamination of a research laboratory contaminated with tellurium and cadmium by CURIUM

Tellurium and cadmium decontamination in a R&D center