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Emergency Response

CURIUM intervenes in emergency situations that may occur on premises or during transport of hazardous products in France, Spain, Italy, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Our on-call team operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The on-call personnel and the necessary equipment can be mobilized from Montagny within 2 hours.

CURIUM is a member of the TRANSAID and BROMAID networks.

  • Crisis Unit
  • Zoning for the safety of persons and goods
  • Implementation of restoration measures
  • Safety equipment and waste collection and packaging means adapted to the situation
  • Mobile measuring devices

Case Studies

CURIUM takes emergency action in the event of a nitric acid leak

Emergency decontamination of a 55% nitric acid leak

CURIUM's emergency intervention for the repackaging of 2 tons of lithium

Emergency Response: Lithium Repackaging

Emergency intervention by CURIUM on a bromine leak from a truck

Emergency Response: Bromine leak from a truck during transportation