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Engineering and Consulting

Project Management

CURIUM’s hands-on experience in performing the full scope of works for chemical and radiological risks management for industrial clients is highly relevant for project management.
CURIUM’s experienced Project Managers ensure the safe and timely completion of the project, from the drafting of specifications to the acceptance of the works, in compliance with all applicable regulations. As a unique interlocutor for large projects, CURIUM guarantees that all customer's needs are taken into account, that the schedule is respected and that costs are kept under control.

  • Contract darfting aiming to prevent deviations of performance, budget, and schedule
  • Preparation and control of specifications, validation of QSE documents
  • Definition of a schedule according to the client's constraints
  • Operational coordination of subcontractors, management of coactivity
  • Implementation of security measures adapted to the site
  • Monitoring of the works: daily progress reports and site meetings, drafting of set of records, acceptance of the works

Case Studies

Dismantling of mercury electrolysis by CURIUM in Tunisia

Securing and dismantling of the former SNCPA mercury electrolysis unit

Repackaging of hazardous waste in a mine after an accidental fire by CURIUM

Destocking and restocking of mercurial and arsenic waste in a mine

CURIUM secured a damaged warehouse for hazardous waste and reconditioned and disposed of flammable chemical and asbestos waste.

Securing and decontamination of a warehouse for highly flammable materials

CURIUM assisted the OSCE on behalf of the Republic of Albania in the repackaging of chemical weapons waste (napalm)

Project management: Repackaging of chemical weapons precursors waste

CURIUM has carried out environmental forensics on hazardous waste for ADEME.

Environmental forensics: study of residual waste following a fire

CURIUM has established the inventory and defined the protocols for the characterization, pre-treatment and packaging of radioactive chemical waste from the Marie Curie laboratories.

Inventory, characterization, treatment of historical radioactive waste from the Marie Curie Laboratories

Project management by CURIUM for the decontamination of a pharmaceutical production site

Project Management: decontamination of a pharmaceutical production site

CURIUM's project management assistance to ADEME for the repackaging of hazardous wastes

Identification, removal and treatment of hazardous waste