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In 2016, an accidental fire partially destroyed a warehouse of flammable products on a SEVESO high-risk industrial site. The 90 tons of products left on site presented a high risk of ignition (silanes - hydrogen risk) and the damaged roof presented an asbestos risk.

CURIUM carried out the inventory of products and risks, the withdrawal plan, the design and testing of specific tools and operating procedures, and carried out the decontamination and waste packaging works, with the support of 2 subcontracting companies.

The works included:

  • The securing unstable parts of the building;
  • The removal of unstable fibro-cement slabs from roofs;
  • Safe extraction of inflated drums from unstable stacks;
  • The reconditioning of liquid, pasty or crystallized products from damaged drums to intact ADR drums, sometimes in two-phase conditions;
  • Cutting and disposal of soiled empty packaging;
  • Decontamination of tools and non-disastered packaging in adjacent areas;
  • Floor cleaning;
  • Daily or punctual reporting of works.

During the operation, 440 drums were repackaged; 2500 containers of all types were decontaminated (220L drums, 20L pails, 1000L IBCs, ADR tanks). A total of 115 tons of asbestos waste and 90 tons of chemical waste were packaged, transported and disposed of in the process.



Silanes, extremely flammable chemical waste


115 tons of asbestos waste
90 tons of chemical waste

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