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Chemical industry

CURIUM provides support in the completion of projects involving hazardous substances, for the protection of your workers' health and the preservation of the environment. Our experts carry out remediation, dismantling or decontamination of industrial sites, premises, or equipment from hazardous pollutants. We perform works in conditions of high chemical and/or radiological risks, and dispose of hazardous waste in a way compliant with applicable regulations

  • Contamination management
  • Transfer or change of production
  • Site closure and decommissioning
  • Process disruption or emergency situation
  • Environmental projects with high radiological and/or chemical risks, as well as combined risks (asbestos, risk of collapses etc.)
  • Hazardous waste management (including pre-treatment, repackaging and transport)

Case Studies

Transfer of VCM by CURIUM

Repackaging of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM)

Dismantling of mercury electrolysis by CURIUM in Tunisia

Securing and dismantling of the former SNCPA mercury electrolysis unit

CURIUM secured a damaged warehouse for hazardous waste and reconditioned and disposed of flammable chemical and asbestos waste.

Securing and decontamination of a warehouse for highly flammable materials

Emergency intervention by CURIUM on a bromine leak from a truck

Emergency Response: Bromine leak from a truck during transportation

Drainage, transfer, recompression, neutralization of ammonia by CURIUM

Drainage and recompression of anhydrous ammonia

CURIUM's project management assistance to ADEME for the repackaging of hazardous wastes

Identification, removal and treatment of hazardous waste

Decontamination of a furnace contaminated with beryllium residues by CURIUM

Decontamination of a furnace contaminated with beryllium residues

Diagnosis by CURIUM of dangerous products on industrial sites before dismantling.

Study of chemicals present on site before demolition