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CURIUM is a French company founded in 1994.
Its mission is to ensure the sound management of hazardous products.

Chemical radiological biological risks managed by CURIUM

Controlled risks

CURIUM experts are involved in the management of chemical, radioactive and biological risks, as well as combined risks associated with hazardous products:

  • toxic
  • flammable
  • corrosive
  • carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic to reproduction (CMR)
  • explosive
  • infectious
  • radioactive
  • water-reactive
  • self-reactive

CURIUM's areas of expertise



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Safety certifications

CURIUM is certified to the French MASE standard for external companies working on “high threshold” SEVESO sites. The objective of the MASE management system is the continuous improvement of the Safety, Health and Environment performance of the company.

CURIUM has the VCA certification, recognized in Belgium and the Netherlands, guaranteeing the respect of Safety, Health and Environment requirements for the execution of works at a client's premises.

CURIUM has the authorization of the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) in the following fields: research, calibration, characterization, securing, treatment testing, treatment and conditioning of radioactive waste for disposal.

French certification CEFRI type "E" gives CURIUM the ability to carry out works under ionizing radiation.

CURIUM has the MASE safety certification.

N°RA 2022-185

Nuclear Safety Authority Certification

Authorization T690950

Certification CEFRI CURIUM ionising environments

Certification N-1251°E

CURIUM holds the VCA safety certification

Knowledge of regulatory frameworks

In addition to strong technical competence, CURIUM demonstrates in-depth understanding of the legislation and regulations related to the management of hazardous products and wastes:

  • Basel Convention and EU Directive EU1013/2006 on waste shipments
  • ADR, ADNR, IMDG, RID and IATA regulations for the transport of dangerous goods
  • Specific national legislation related to classified industrial facilities

International perspective

Driven by its will to export its know-how throughout the world, CURIUM has surrounded itself with international partners specialized in complementary fields of expertise.

CURIUM also has a representative office in China (Shanghai).


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