Automobile manufacturer

A car manufacturer in Great Britain had to suspend production due to a leak of nitric acid (55%) from a valve on a storage tank in a workshop. An emergency intervention was imperative in order to resume the activity as soon as possible. This operation was conducted with our partner Adler&Allan. The client was able to resume its activity less than 36 hours after the incident.

The origin of the leak was first identified and repaired. Zoning and a decontamination airlock were installed on the periphery of the contaminated area to avoid any risk of accident or over-contamination. The nitric acid leak was then neutralized with a basic solution. Finally, the area was rinsed with water.
After the operation, pH measurements were taken to validate the total decontamination of the area. Equipment damaged by the acid (ventilation piping, gratings, etc.) was also removed after decontamination for disposal as non-hazardous waste.



Nitric acid (55%)


United Kingdom

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